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OnBeat Technology Calculations



No guessing, just science. With the OnBeat heart rate technology.

Heart Rate Zone Colors and Percentages



Below are the zone colors and percentages used in the software. The percentages are based on the max heart rate.

All zones are automatically adjusted based on the max heart rate for the athlete. If the max heart rate is adjusted the zones will automatically update.

  • Tone Zone 5 (Red) 90-100% -- Maximum Effort

  • Tone Zone 4 (Orange) 80-90% -- Hard/Performance

  • Tone Zone 3 (Green) 70-80% -- Moderate /Aerobic

  • H.R. Zone 2 (Blue) 60-70% -- Light Endurance

  • H.R. Zone 1 (Grey) 50-60% -- Recovery

Calorie Counting Calculations​

Below are the formulas used to calculate calories burned.

  • Female: (-20.4022 + (0.4472 X Average Heart Rate) – (0.05729 X Weight in Pounds) + (0.074 X Age)) / 4.184 X Workout Minutes

  • Male: (-55.0969 + (0.6309 X Average Heart Rate) + (0.09017 X Weight in Pounds) + (0.2017 X Age)) / 4.184 X Workout Minutes

From the Journal of Sports Science. Title: Prediction of energy expenditure from heart rate monitoring during submaximal exercise. 

Max Heart Rate Calculation

Below are the formulas used in the app to calculate the max heart rate.

  • Female: 214 – 0.8 X Age

  • Male: 209 – 0.7 X Age

The app will automatically calculate the max heart rate and the corresponding zones based on the gender and age of the person. 

The heart zone percentages will automatically update whenever the max heart rate is adjusted.


For the greatest After Burn Effect , spend 25-30 minutes per workout in the Tone Zone 3 -Green  or above.

And 12+ minutes in the Orange and Red - Tone Zones



Afterburn = EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption)

EPOC is the amount of oxygen consumed after a workout to return the body to its resting state.

Post -exercise calorie burn can reach levels as high as high as 150. In fact, the afterburn effect can last hours (up to 36) after your workout is over.


Immediately after your workout, your metabolism is at its highest when the  body is trying to return your physiological functions to normal rather quickly and your oxygen consumption is at its highest.

Over the next several hours your body is still consuming more oxygen and expending more energy than usual to return to normal (Schuenke et al 2002).

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